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About the project

A collection house project, the main task of which is to use NFT as a tool to help announce and uncover physical art instantaneously for the whole world, protect its uniqueness, perpetuate both its digital copy and its authorship, create a certificate of authenticity of an art object, interact with a community interested in developing art in the form of a multipurpose entity.


For Artists

  • Exhibiting at closed auctions

  • Additional Services*: Legal support

  • Additional Services*: Shipping & Insurance

  • Participation in the general artist development fund

  • Production of art objects for sale

  • Creating your own auctions on the marketplace

  • Access to a community of collectors and artists

  • Personal portfolio on the NFA.space website

  • VR gallery



Own platform for selling and buying NFT paintings.

Open call

Open call

We invite artists of all styles from all over the world to participate in the creation of a unique collection house.

Your art will become the foundation of the project, whereby you will receive the attention of collectors, as well as interest and royalties from the sale and turnover of the collection.

We want to bring together a community of artists, with whom we will firmly connect physical and digital art for the common good.

Benefits 10k

For collectors

  • Access to the purchase of selected art at closed auctions
  • Cashback for art purchases
  • Printing of invitation cards
  • Participation in a closed community
  • Whitelisting for partner projects
  • Holding your own auctions
  • Reselling NFTs from your own collection
  • Access to additional services
  • Getting art information first in the community

For Artists

  • Interest in the realization of your paintings through NFT
  • Participation in the community of artists
  • Securing copyrights forever
  • Lifetime royalty on the resale of paintings in the 10K Collection
  • Priority right to further production of your work for sale at auction
  • Creation of a profile and portfolio of each artist
  • Generation of tickets to enter the auction
  • The right to sell your work on the marketplace independently

How it works

How it works






Team leader












IT advisor

nik mcfly

NFT advisor


Ambassador in London


To connect an NFA account with your crypto-wallet. Click on the "wallet connect" icon at the top-right corner of the profile page; a list of supported wallets will show up. Select the preferred wallet from the list.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which means they are not interchangeable like regular cryptocurrencies. Each NFT is unique, and therefore can be used to represent digital assets in a way that is not possible with regular cryptocurrency. NFTs can be used to represent anything from in-game items to digital art, and can even be used to represent real-world assets like property or passports of authenticity.

The ownership of a copyright is distinct from the ownership of any tangible item (such as a painting) or digital asset (such as a non-fungible token, or "NFT") in which the work is embodied or encoded. According to our Terms of Service, unless the parties formally agree in writing to convey a copyright interest as part of the transfer, Artists do not lose copyright protection over works when they are sold on the NFA.space marketplace. Collectors only have a property interest in properly acquired NFTs; they do not have a copyright interest in the underlying works of art, as is further clarified in our Terms of Service. All exclusive copyrights to the underlying copyrights are reserved by the Artist.

NFA.space do ensure proper storage conditions for NFTs and the Principal's data, excluding unauthorized access to them, both during the provision of the Services and thereafter, and their use for purposes other than those stipulated by the Agreement.

Once an artist's work has been confirmed, we handle all aspects of its sale, insurance, appraisal, shipping, and advertising. In addition to financial support, we also wish to provide artists with a respected name and acceptance in the artistic community. A lifetime royalty is one of the key benefits of collaborating with us in our marketplace. In other words, even after the sale of the paintings, the artist will receive a certain amount for every subsequent sale for the rest of his life

Digitalizing art is not as difficult as it may seem. After the artists have been chosen, we will deliver instructions and instructional videos.

There is a minimum requirement of 10 pieces of art from one artist. Although we offer additional advantages to those who extend 10 artworks, there are no restrictions on extension with us.